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30 May


Search for payday advance bad credit? It is here

At offers that you can apply for payday advance bad credit are quickly and easily. They are known to have one of the fastest loan processes, where it takes a maximum of 1-2 minutes to apply for credit. When you subsequently approve the loan offer, which is done with NemID, you can expect to have the money in your account within just 45 minutes. You will quickly receive the credit of up to DKK 20,000.

It does not, therefore, have to take long to borrow money – especially at Barajas’s credit. Of course, this only applies as long as you make sure to apply within their opening hours between 10 am and 6 pm. 8:00 and 20:00 on weekdays and between 10:00 8:00 and 17:00 on Saturdays. In case you choose to apply for credit outside of their opening hours, you will generally be able to expect that the money will be placed on your account at the latest the following day. 9.00.

A good alternative to loans

Barajas is a good alternative to loans that you can normally take into your bank and is an often more readily available solution for those who want to borrow less rapidly now and then. With the credit from Barajas, you need to pay a low performance every month, which can be beneficial if you don’t need the economy to be further squeezed by an additional monthly expense. This means that you in no way have to worry about repaying the entire loan at once, but instead you can pay it back a little at a time.

Free loan for 30 days

Free loan for 30 days

At Barajas, you have good opportunities to take out credit. Unlike, for example, taking a consumer loan with the loan bank, which can be a long and cumbersome process, Barajas can easily and quickly apply for credit. Here is offered a quick, easy and simple alternative to other loan types. You need not worry about making security or having to be responsible for what the money is spent on after they are borrowed; It is 100% up to you what you want to spend the money on.

You can borrow up to DKK 20,000, and if you are a new customer you can even get interest-free and fee-free credit for the first 30 days. If you choose to apply for credit with Barajas, you will get one of Denmark’s most flexible credit, with the possibility of repaying the loan a little at a time, and thus get some extra air in the budget. Create a cheap credit, new customers can get an interest-free loan for 30 days without a setup fee, and get quick payout without stupid questions.

Maturity of the loan.

Here customers are advised to apply for credit rather than for example a consumer loan or a microloan. Until 1 January 2017, they also offered microloans to their customers, but today they instead refer to choosing quick loans that are both cheaper and more flexible than a mini loan. The difference between a microloan and credit was that with a microloan you could borrow up to DKK 6,000, which had to be repaid after an agreed term. Here you could choose between the maturity of either 15, 30 or 45 days. On the other hand, with credit, you can borrow up to DKK 20,000 from Barajas, where you have to pay a certain monthly amount. Read more about: How to find new loans in Denmark, via our link.

In addition, choosing credit at Barajas may have several advantages over a consumer loan. If you were to take out a consumer loan in your bank, it could quickly end up in a long and cumbersome process, where many more demands are made. Typically, you will need to be prepared to provide security for the loan in a bank, and you should usually also know what exactly you are going to spend the money on. In this connection, you often have to bring and fill out a number of documents, which is why there may also typically be long waiting times in relation to getting the borrowed money in the account.

If, on the other hand, you choose to apply for credit with Barajas, you will experience a much simpler, quick and straightforward application process, in which you neither have to provide security nor tell what money is needed for; You completely control yourself what you want to spend the money on. If you apply for credit within the opening hours, then you can even expect to get the money in the account within just 45 minutes.

The flexible and cheaper loan form

cheaper loan

As you can see, there are many benefits here. Not only is it a more flexible and cheaper loan form than, for example, a typical consumer loan in the bank, it also has a lower interest rate than, for example, a microloan. In addition, instead of having to pay off the entire loan at one time, you can choose to pay a low performance every month, which underscores the flexibility.

Once you have applied for credit, you will also have to repeatedly fill out loan applications and review various credit assessments. Instead, you get a login to their website that you can use to manage your borrowed credit online.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to pay any form of establishment fee. You only have to pay interest on the utilized credit as well as a small fee each month when the money is deducted from your credit to your bank account.

Use the money you want.

Borrow money with Barajas so you don’t have to worry about having to submit budgets and other accounts because they are not interested in it. This means that as a borrower you have completely free options to do what you want with the borrowed money, and you can, therefore, use them at just what you want.

This means that the provider does not in any way interfere with what you will eventually spend on the money. This applies regardless of whether you need a little extra money for a new refrigerator, a journey south, your child’s confirmation or a new bike. The only requirement is that you repay the loan as agreed and within the agreed term.

How to apply.

How to apply for a loan

It is quite simple and quick to apply for credit with Barajas. You can choose the amount that you want to borrow via the form on their website. You will also see what the monthly minimum payment will be in relation to the amount selected. When applying, simply fill in your personal ID number, mobile phone number, and e-mail address, and specify which bank you have. The provider will subsequently offer you a quick credit rating, which will take no more than a few seconds, and you will then receive a credit line. You will be notified directly on the screen of how much money they are able to offer you to borrow.

Once the loan offer has been approved, you must sign it with Easy ID, after which the provider makes sure to start the transfer of the borrowed money to your account. If you have applied within Barajas’s opening hours, you will be able to see the money in your account within a maximum of 45 minutes.

Requirements for the borrower.

As a customer, you need to be aware that you meet their requirements for the borrower before you choose to apply for credit. If you would like to take out a loan here, you must be at least 23 years old, have a Danish national register address, have a Danish social security number and be a Danish citizen. In addition, it is a requirement that you must not be registered in either the RKI or the Debtor Register. Likewise, you may not be registered with any remarks. If you meet these few requirements, then you should have no trouble applying for credit.

It may also be that you have ended up in a situation eg. in connection with a home purchase, where you need a lot of money, but do not have them. And then you have to take a loan. Take over your head you must have. Maybe one’s situation is not as critical, and often one can manage with what one has. But it is not the same as having to deal with what you have. There are several options when you want to borrow money.

Offers free credit

Barajas is a company that offers free credit of different kinds in several parts of the world. They also have a physical office in Denmark, namely in Copenhagen.
It may be a good idea to make use of Barajas if you want a loan quickly. You get the money within 45 minutes after your application is approved when you borrow during the company’s opening hours. The opening hours are from nine o’clock in the morning to eight o’clock in the evening every weekday and on Saturdays from ten o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the afternoon.

When you apply to borrow money, you will get an offer on how much the company can offer to borrow one. Perhaps it is lower or perhaps higher than what you yourself suggested. Then you can choose whether you want to accept the company’s offer or stay with what you originally wanted. In addition, you also have the opportunity to use the loan calculator on the website, where you can quickly find out how much your credit can actually sound if you borrow from Barajas. You set the desired amount, and then Barajas calculates whether they can offer a loan and how much it can offer.

Barajas offers easy and free loans. When you need to borrow then visit their website, you can always pay the entire loan back when you have the money. When using your credit, you can track your account status online.

You will not have to pay back the credit with interest. Interest rates depend on how fast one is to pay the money back and on. In addition, it also plays a role, how much money you borrow, and what kind of credit you take.

A microloan is a kind of free payday loan

A micro loan is a kind of free payday loan

One of these types of loans is a microloan. A microloan is a kind of free quick loan and can be offered to anyone who lives and is registered in Denmark, ie. has a Danish national registry address, a Danish social security number, and then you must also be 23 years old. When you want to take a quick loan, you can borrow from 500 to 6,000 kroner. You should be aware that if you want a credit, the repayment must be made within 15 to 45 days. You do not have to borrow more than you get back to it quickly.

If you need to borrow a larger amount, you also have the opportunity to borrow through Barajas Plus loans, which are very similar to a larger credit. Here you can borrow up to DKK 20,000. It is a flexible way to borrow money, which only costs a small benefit every month.

Private loan as an option

Private loan as an option

Although Barajas is a great way to borrow money online, there are also other methods.

If you are good at others, it will double back. It applies in most contexts and in particular to his friends and family.

This means that if you have been sweet to your family and friends, you may be able to cope with the necessary loan under private conditions. 

Of course, it requires that you have some friends or some family who have a lot more money than yourself, so they are not themselves ruined by borrowing money. It would be pretty double-moral and terrible.

Loans from family and friends.

But if you assume that you have family and friends, you can borrow money without any problems, it is clearly worth trying to get it done. It can save one for a lot of trouble, while avoiding interest, as long as you just remember to repay the money again.

If you as a private borrower want to be sure that you get your money back within a foreseeable period. Then you can choose to make a contract with the one that you have to sign at the bank. The advantage of this kind of contract is that you can decide for yourself what must be in the contract and be valid. In return, it also requires both parties to agree to make this kind of contract. And that one can agree on that. If you want the contract to apply legally, even if it is a private loan agreement, you can contact a lawyer or a third party who can witness the debate and perhaps also sign as a witness.

A third opportunity to borrow money

There is also a third opportunity to borrow money. It is probably one of the best known and most used methods. One can also turn to his bank and hear what one’s options are.

Have you had trouble with paying your credit and interest back? Or find it difficult to provide security for their loans. However, one should not expect that one is allowed to borrow money from his bank.

If you are first written on the blacklist, it is not just such a thing to get your name deleted again.

But if you are not on that list, you have more opportunities to take a cheap loan with no interest of different kinds in your bank.

You have to be prepared that if you want to make a loan in the bank, you must tell what the money is to be used for. And why you want to borrow money. In addition, one must provide one’s security in the loan. So that your bank is guaranteed to get the money back in one way or another.

The easiest thing is to read the bank’s website. And see one’s options or to book a meeting with one of the advisors from that bank.