Loans to Public Employees in Caltanissetta

11 Jan



Prestiti a Dipendenti Pubblici Caltanissetta

What are the advantages of Caltanissetta Public Employees?

All Public, State and Private employees , even if they have financial problems or protests, enjoy great advantages through the sale of the fifth and the payment delegation.

The Assignment of the Fifth with a maximum payment equal to 20% of the monthly salary and with the Delegation of Payment can take advantage of another installment of 20% of the salary. For a total of 40% of the net salary.

What are the advantages of Caltanissetta Public Employees?

The Public Employees of Caltanissetta have the possibility of requesting the transfer of the fifth with a maximum payment of 20% of the net salary and the Payment Delegation with an installment up to 30% of the salary. For a total of 50% net of deductions.
By doing so, large sums of liquidity can be obtained.

The advantages are:

  • Fixed installment for the entire duration of the loan;
  • It does not need any motivation;
  • Even if you have other funds in progress it will be accepted;
  • Fixed rate for the entire duration;
  • No guarantor is required;
  • Possibility also of the third retention.


What documents you need

What documents you need for loan

The only documents requested by you will be:

  • Identity card;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Pay slip.


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